Pumpkin Eater Coming Soon!

Hello friends and family!

I’m very excited to announce that my first card game, titled Pumpkin Eater, will be released on October 1st!

This is a huge moment for me, as I have been designing board games for about 7 years now, and I’m finally selling my first product! I have several other games in the works, but I believe Pumpkin Eater has reached a level where I’m confident enough to offer it up for you to play and review.


I hope you’re as excited to try it as I am to sell it! Since this is my first game, I’m not planning on selling hundreds of copies, but instead to focus on my friend and family network to just get some copies out there. If you do purchase a copy, I hope you will give me your thoughts and maybe even submit an honest review.


I know it’s hard to give negative feedback to friends, but if I want to keep getting better as a creator, I need both positive and negative feedback on my products. I look forward to seeing your reaction! See you on October 1st!

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